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Worship Seminar 2023!

Last weekend Impact School of Ministry (ISOM) had a great seminar; The Dynamics of Worship: The way of the Worshipper! Pastor Sean led an outstanding seminar and brought forth some great information for those that attended. If you would like more information on ISOM, please call the church office at 270-900-1290.

Further Your Education and Knowledge of God and His Kingdom!

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Our Vision: To equip men and women to minister the Word of God with power and excellence.

Our Goal: To disciple faithful men a woman after the pattern of ministry found throughout the book of Acts.

Impact School of Ministry has partnered with Vision Christian Bible College and Seminary. The Impact School of Ministry (ISM) campus is located at Bethesda Ministry and is taught with in person local teachers.

  • Students must make a profession of faith in Jesus Christ and give evidence of a continuing relationship with God.
  • An application and student disclosure form must be completed and submitted with the non-refundable application fee by each student.
  • All students must be actively involved in a local church.
  • All admissions are subject to final approval by the admissions Committee.

Every Tuesday and Thursday 6:30 P.M. – 8:00 P.M.

  • 2 semesters per academic year (Fall & Spring).
  • 5 terms per semester (a term is typically 4 weeks in length).
  • At least 1 course per term will be offered.
  • Certificate in Bible Studies/ 30 Credit Hours / One-Year Program/ Audit Fee

This program is designed for the individual who desires a basic knowledge of Scriptural truths along with sufficient biblical understanding, so as to be of assistance to the pastor of his or her church in the various ministries. Completion of 30 semester hours is required to obtain the certificate.

  • Associate in Bible Studies/ 60 Credit Hours/ Two-Year Program

Students receiving this degree are prepared for further study at the bachelor’s level.

  • Bachelor’s degree/ 120 Credit Hours/ Four-Year Program

Students may earn a Bachelor’s in biblical studies or a Bachelor’s in Theology degree.

  • Life Experience Credits

Life experience credits is granted by the Executive Board of VCBC (a maximum of 30 hours of undergraduate credit). A student is eligible for consideration of advanced standing on the basis of life experience if the student meets certain criteria: (will give more detailed requirements for those who are interested.)

  • Application: (One-time/new student only; non-refundable) | +$50
  • Registration (Every Semester) | +$50
  • Tuition for Degree Students Includes course text(s) & related course resources for degree per term, students ONLY, Textbook is NOT included) | +$150
  • Tuition for Audit Students (Includes course resources. Textbook is NOT included) | +$35 Per Term


  • Projected cost for undergraduate student per semester: $800 – This is for a full-time student, taking one course (3 credits) per term in one semester (for a total of 15 credits: and includes the semester registration fee).
  • Projected cost for audit student per semester: $175 – This is for a student auditing one course (3 credit hours) per term in one semester (for a total of 15 credits) and includes the semester registration fee.


You may pay semester fees in full or make payments at the beginning of each term (every 4 weeks).